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Vista local resigned to the fact it's just easier to say they're from Tea Tree Gully

October 28, 2018


‘Vista? Do you mean Para Vista?’ is the age old question that Britney Nicholls has heard time and time again from co-workers and friends.


Tired of constantly explaining that it’s ‘nothing like Para Vista’ and claiming that ‘it’s essentially the Adelaide Hills’, Britney now just states that she lives in Tea Tree Gully.


And this is not only in casual conversation, Britney has changed her suburb on every possible document to ensure she doesn’t have to explain how her suburb is superior to a similar named one that is ten minutes away.


‘Sure’, stated Britney ‘it’s been confusing in some circumstances, my passport was initially revoked and as a result I had to board an international flight illegally. But on the plus side, when the Federal Police tried to find me they went to the wrong house, so some family from up the road is currently under investigation from ASIO ’.


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