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South Australia officially changing State slogan to “So what High School did you go to?”

September 17, 2018

Since discontinuing “The Festival State”, the South Australian Slogan Association (SASA) has decided on a new official state slogan after a lengthy and intensive process.


‘Years of tax payer funded focus groups, consultants, international research projects and ongoing community engagement workshops have finally paid off’, stated SASA President Cheryl King. ‘The funny thing is, in the end it just kind of came about naturally’.


‘We were meeting with a high-end consulting group, and our Vice-President thought he recognised their marketing strategist’ King continued, ‘the first question that was asked was “So what high school did you go to?” and the rest is history. Which is a good thing, because after being in the process for six years the Minister had requested a completed slogan by COB that day’.


The new state slogan will start appearing on number plates, promotional material and state signage from late 2018.



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