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Woman updates LinkedIn profile to include climbing Big Rocking Horse certificate

January 23, 2019

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Melanie Yearling of Birdwood doing whatever she can to enhance her LinkedIn profile for potential recruiters.


Feeling the qualifications section of her profile was a little bare with just her Birdwood High School Year 12 and her Year 3 Pen Licence, Melanie has decided to list her certificate for Climbing the World’s Largest Rocking Horse to pad out her profile a little.


Under the qualification, Melanie has summarised her qualification:
‘Formal recognition and certification for achieving strategic vertical navigation of an internationally recognised equine structure’


Although applying for positions in the field of taxation administration, Melanie is hopeful that her update profile will have her head-hunted in no time, stating ‘if I can climb the horse, I can climb the corporate ladder’.


Here's hoping that this qualification will see Melanie ahead of the rest of the field by a length.



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