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Redlegs 'fan’ disappointed at first game he's watched since 2014

September 24, 2018

Attending the SANFL grand final yesterday, self proclaimed 'die-hard fan’, Simon Pleb of Burnside, was brimming with confidence.


'It’s nice to be heading in as favourites and coming out on top after the great season we've had...I've heard’ said Simon.


Remaining excited for the first three quarters, and cheering on players by number, “Great stuff Number 8!”, Simon remained enthused.


“We’ve got this”, remarked Simon at 3 quarter time “we've always come home strong this season... probably”.


But Simon’s hope turned to despair as the game wound up, “I can't believe they've let me down like this. Me, a die hard fan who's stuck with the team through all of their ups and ups, I just feel so let down by the boys...whoever they are”.


However, vowing to stick by his team, Simon will hold on the the vaguely Redlegs looking red and blue Cotton On jacket he has until Norwood's next premiership game.



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