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Dad starts saving good Pageant spot now

October 24, 2019


With less than three weeks until the 2019 Christmas Pageant kicks off, father of three, Doug Float, is dedicated to getting a prime position on North Terrace, no matter the cost.


‘It gets earlier every year’, said Doug ‘at first it was 6 a.m., then 4, and when I got in at 2 last year and missed out on a good spot, I knew I couldn’t let my kids down again this year’.


Equipped with his picnic rug, food rations and makeshift shelter, Doug plans to occupy a spot outside the State Library for 16 nights.


‘It’ll be a little rough, I guess. Not just on me, but also the family. Two weeks without a wage and being away from the kids won’t be easy. But I’ll manage, we’ll arrange visitations with the kids and just cut back on a few vital necessities like medicines and haircuts’.


When asked what his plan was for when nature called, Doug replied ‘Well I’ll…I guess…could you save my space for a quick minute?’


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