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Seeing a gap in the market, all OTRs start serving pancakes 24/7

June 17, 2019

With the Pancake Kitchen no longer operating 24 hours a day during the week, the OTR overlords have announced the new ‘OTR Pancakery Bakery’ will be placed in all OTR stores, seeking to to capitalise on the drunk at 3am Wednesday drunk and hungry market.


Director of market monopolising, Petrul Pryces, spoke to the Adelaide Mail about the new in-servo eateries. ‘These are very unique pancakes, because as a cost-saving measure we will utilise the existing infrastructure from our Wok-in-the-box in-house restaurants. Pancakes will be wok-fried and possibly have a slight garlic prawn or beef and blackbean aftertaste, but we figure that if we put enough golden syrup on it and the drunks shouldn’t notice’.


For those OTRs without current wok-in-a-box facilities, Pryces stated the restaurant setup will essentially be batter grabbed from the shelves and straight onto a portable gas camp cooker next to the SA Lotteries machine.


Pryces continued, ‘we’re excited to be entering this market, and we attempt to recreate the feeling of 24 hour pancake trade that Adelaide is now sorely missing. From generous toppings and vomit covered toilets, to annoyed staff and low level drug deals, ‘OTR’s Pancakery Bakery’ will have it all. Come in for our opening Short Stack and a Scoop of Icecream Special for just $29.95’.


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