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New food delivery service “O-Bahnacle Bill” set to challenge Uber Eats

January 24, 2019

Barnacle Bill will start delivering anywhere along the North East Busway track starting early next month.


William Cirriped, Director of Innovative Strategies at Barnacle Bill said this was a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the existing O-Bahn infrastructure.


‘We don’t have the traffic or speed restrictions of Uber drivers. Previously picnickers along the north-east stretch of the Torrens only had one option if they desired seafood, and that was to dangle a line in the river’.


‘Now instead of catching carp, they can catch a Treasure Chest pack thrown out of the window of a bus travelling at 80 kph. And we’re quietly confident that like most of our products, it will still taste at least as good as a river carp’.


Responding to questions that this is an ill-conceived project that is only going ahead because he’s so proud of the name he came up with, Cirriped said ‘nothing could be further from the truth. I didn’t even come up with the name first, it came from one of our chip fryers at our Marden shop who threatened to sue if I used it, but he saw my point of view after he was caught on CC camera stealing a chip’.



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