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Bloke who spent $900 on Home Lottery tickets very satisfied with his $75 Heatworks gift card

September 28, 2018

Troy Simons of Rosewater, lives by the old adage ‘you gotta’ be in it to win it’, and ‘win it’ is just what Troy did.


After dropping a week’s wages on early-bird tickets in April, Troy believed he had a pretty good chance at taking out the grand prize. Troy spent months planning his new life in Malvern, even to the extent of telling the local butcher ‘he’d be seeing a lot more of him’, enrolling his child in Unley High School and getting several quotes pricing the installation of Gutter Guard at the Cambridge Terrace property.


‘When the notice came that I was a winner, I couldn’t believe my luck,’ said Troy ‘sure, it’s not the home, but I feel I walked away a winner. I mean, check out this new barbeque apron and set of tongs’.



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