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We rank Adelaide’s top (and only) 3 working digital Adelaide Metro signs

November 18, 2019

What was meant to be Adelaide Mail’s first barely readable, every item on a different page, advertisement clogged ‘Top 10 List’, has now been reduced to three items on a single page due to a physical lack of rank-able items.


The digital transport arrival sign has been an international standard for many years now, and has recently been rolled-out on a wider scale in Adelaide, truly cementing our reputation as a leading digital city that is definitely ready to send people into space.


So it is our honour to now present to you the top 3 working digital Adelaide Metro signs from around Adelaide:


3. Zone A Hills, Mt. Barker Dumas Street

Starting our rankings in the Adelaide Hills, where we were lucky enough to find a working digital metro stop outside of the Adelaide metropolitan area. Now, when we say working, we mean it was ‘pretty much’ working. This sign only had a black line down the middle, but it was still readable for the most part.

As an added bonus, Adelaide Metro actually uses a picture of this slightly-broken sign as an example of it’s “new and improved” digital signs on it’s website (that’s not a joke).


2. O-Bahn Interchange, Tea Tree Plaza

Although this non-operational and recently removed digital sign from the station wasn’t technically working when we took this shot, research has found that it is actually the most accurate digital sign, even after being removed from this spot.


(Plus, it wouldn't be an Adelaide Mail article without a mention of the mighty north-east.)


Every day, city working north-easterners and a bunch of annoying teenagers gather in this spot looking at the space where the sign once stood and just randomly guess how long until the next bus arrives. Without fail, the uneducated guesses will always be more accurate than any predictions that Adelaide Metro could offer.


1. Stop C1 - Currie Steet, Light Square West


With an up-time of almost 86% and predicting arrival accuracy 31% of the time, Stop C1 is clearly the shining light of digital transport signage in South Australia. It is however no coincidence that this is also the closest stop to the Adelaide bus depot, where the lazy repair personnel can easily walk to the sign.


If you happen to find any more working digital signs around Adelaide, please let us know as we’d really love to pad this article with lots of revenue-earning advertisements so one day we may be able to afford to take a bus trip somewhere.



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