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O-Bahn to hold “Come & Try Day” for curious motorists

December 4, 2019

Ever wanted to drive your own car on the Adelaide O-Bahn? Now’s your chance.


In a bid to stop motorists from illegally driving on the Adelaide O-Bahn, it has been announced that one section of the Adelaide O-Bahn will be open to the public in a once-off “Come & Try Day” on the morning of Sunday the 29th of December.


After higher than usual incidents of motorists illegally taking their cars onto the O-Bahn track in 2019, transport officials have stated that in an effort to curb this, they are encouraging a limited number of motorists who register for this event, to undertake this once in a lifetime chance in a safe and organised manner.


Adelaide Metropolitan Transport spokesperson Laurie Marshall has stated ‘For the morning of Sunday the 29th of December, a very limited number of motorists will be allowed to use the O-Bahn track between Tea Tree Plaza Interchange and Paradise Interchange only. This time and date was chosen due to a low-period of busses and other transport occurring. All regular O-Bahn busses will be diverted via North East Road for the morning, so only private vehicles will be present on the O-Bahn. We are encouraging those who wish to partake in a safe and controlled environment to register for this event early’.


The event, which has already attracted a great deal of attention by the public, will give registered motorists an allocated time-slot and a maximum of ten minutes to drive along the O-Bahn tracks from Tea Tree Plaza to Paradise Interchange, where they will then be directed by event officials to safely transfer back to regular roads.


If you’re interested, but worried about damage to your car, don’t worry, organisers of the even have stated on the registration page:


“Car deterrent features of the O-Bahn tracks, such as the oil sump remover, will be detached for the morning of the "Come & Try" day, as to avoid damage to attendees’ vehicles”


However, there are some restrictions on who can partake in the event. From the Eventbrite registration page, it has been stated by organisers that:

  • Drivers must be over the age of 25 years, hold a current South Australian Driver's Licence, and registered for the event.

  • Motorists agree not to exceed 100 km/hour whilst on the tracks and obey all other regular South Australian traffic laws.

  • Whilst every precaution will be taken by event organisers to limit any damage to vehicles, attendees are liable for any vehicle wear or damage they may incur whilst driving on the O-Bahn.

  • The O-Bahn "Come & Try" day will only be for cars that are road-worthy and currently registered within South Australia.

  • Motorbikes, scooters, trailers, trucks, quad-bikes, pedestrians and bicycles will not be allowed onto the O-Bahn tracks.

With only 90 time-slots available, the organisers of the event are encouraging people to sign up quickly to live the dream of many South Australians.


This event is proudly sponsored by Adelaide Mail.



*We really shouldn't have to write this, but in case you're a gullible idiot, a baby boomer who believes everything they read on Facebook or a tourist who thinks that all those flashing lights are an invitation: THE ABOVE ARTICLE IS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. DO NOT DRIVE ON THE O-BAHN, PLEASE SAVE THAT FOR VISITING VICTORIANS.


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