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City resident can't go twenty minutes without telling someone they live in the CBD

October 15, 2018

Even after months after moving into her new South Terrace apartment, Ebony Higgs of Adelaide, continues to remind everyone of where she lives at any opportunity.


‘Moving to the city was a great move for me, I feel I now have such a greater connection and appreciation of Adelaide since moving all the way from my parent’s place in Hackney’. Ebony, of Adelaide, said.


‘The best part of CBD living is the convenience, lifestyle and of course, letting everyone know about it. I’ve even started a new blog ‘Ebony’s Adelaide CBD Life’ and using the hashtags #AdelaideCityGal #RadelaieLife #iLiveinCBD.


Ebony’s constant invitations for after-work drinks at her place, or to just crash at her pad after a big night have yet to been taken up by coworkers and friends, but Ebony, of Adelaide, remains hopeful.


‘I think if I just let enough coworkers know that I’m only a 26 minute walk from our office, they’ll come see my CBD digs one day’.


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