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“Stop all these bloody Adelaide city highrises” says Willunga resident

July 31, 2018

 Gerald Manser, 62, of Willunga has had enough of CBD development. On his yearly trip to the city for a specialist appointment, Gerald was driven to breaking point.


‘Bloody disgusting’, Gerald quipped, ‘couldn’t believe my eyes. These 15 to 20 storey glass buildings are popping up everywhere, seems to be at least one new one each year’.


Gerald, an avid reader of satirical newspaper, The Advertiser, stated that he had read all about how the high rises are damaging the city, but couldn’t believe the devastation was taking place just 50 kilometres from his front door.


‘Who knows, next year there may even be more. This modernisation and development in my city needs to stop’, a distraught Gerald stated after his appointment, ‘some good news though, I got the all clear at my appointment, so I won’t be coming back for at least twelve months thanks to the great staff and excellent facilities at the new Royal Adelaide’.


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