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Chunky Custard to be inducted into SA's Rock n Roll Hall of Lame

October 10, 2018

Since the early 90’s, cover band Chunky Custard have been donning the zany wigs, crazy costumes and slightly outdated references.


‘It’s groovy just to be nominated’ rhythm bassist Bryan Fender says ‘but it’s completely shagadelic to win, baby!’


The band have tirelessly ploughed through the same repertoire of songs that they know are going to get tipsy mums dancing for over two decades. ‘Barbie Girl, Mambo Number 5, YMCA, and of course, The Grease Medley have really been the backbone of our work all these years’ stated lead vocalist Tim Singer.


‘We work very hard to be as cringe-worthy as possible, but at the same time, after a cutla bevvies, no South Australian can resist getting up for a dance.’


Chunky Custard now join the likes of Influencers Music and Jimmy Barnes’ Children’s Album.



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