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Para Hills resident claims she’s from the Adelaide Hills

February 13, 2019

Seeking to up her social status and property value, Brittney Mounts of Para Hills has decided that her suburb counts as part of the Adelaide Hills.


‘I just love living the life of a Hills resident with all the conveniences of the suburbs. When people ask me where I live, I say “I’m from the Hills” and generally leave it at that. This usually impresses people enough, because we all know us Hills folk are just a little bit better than everyone else’.


Para Hills, although not traditionally classified as an Adelaide Hills region does bear similarities, and not just in name. Para Hills is home to some amazing bakeries, and the area is increasingly being used for farming purposes, albeit mostly in sheds fitted with specialised lighting systems.


Brittney continues to live the life of a Hills resident, stocking her fridge full of Beerenberg products she picked up at the local Woolworths, referring to going to the CBD as ‘heading down the hill’, and contributing to multiple of the Hills Residents facebook groups where she complains about mandatory vaccinations.



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