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Calm down mate, it’s Monarto, not Zimbabwe

January 9, 2019

Equipped with the most expensive DSLR and biggest telescopic lens Ted’s Cameras had in stock, Gavin Numpty of Murray Bridge set off on his weekly wildlife expedition.


Dressed in camouflage, to not be seen whilst trying to lure the giraffes closer with branches from the feeding deck, Gavin has stated ‘I will stay in the one spot as long as I need to on my quest for the perfect shot, unless the bus comes for the next pickup’.


Using only the automatic point and click settings of his top of the line camera, Gavin stated ‘it took me all day, but I finally got the great shot that I was after. One in a million, thinking of getting it printed on a nice 8x10 at Big W, then perhaps sending it into National Geographic for their yearly photo competition’.


Below: Gavin’s masterpiece



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