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Adelaide Fashion Festival just showcasing whatever is on sale at Harris Scarfe

October 20, 2018

The State’s leading fashion event is currently underway in Adelaide, with designers, runway models, socialites, and critics flying in from all over the world to showcase the finest clothing Adelaide, which is undoubtedly found on the clearance rack at Harris Scarfe.


‘An incredibly successful year’, says designer Emma Diggson ‘the Fila Activewear just happened to be an extra 20% off right before the festival launch, so a quick trip to Tea Tree Plaza was all we needed to put together the opening night’s main runway exhibition’.


Proving to the world that high fashion doesn’t necessarily mean high cost, the Torrens Parade Ground has been awash with the threads from designers such as Diana Ferrari, Reebok and Diadora.


When asked what the ‘must-have’ Adelaide Fashion Festival item of this year was, model Kristie Frock replied ‘the orthopedic Hush Puppies lace-up walkers paired with a Milleni pleather handbag is this season's winning combo. You can find both items next to the reasonably priced haberdashery’.

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