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Advertiser censors front page advertisement

October 20, 2019

Putting up a united front against secrecy and journalistic censorship, South Australia’s leading satirical news service has joined multiple papers around the nation in printing a censored front page.


However, as a partnership deal had already been struck with Aldi’s marketing team for the front-page wrap of today’s Advertiser, South Australia’s front page looks a little different than the rest of the nation.


In what has been a growing trend with major NewsCorp presses, a full front page advertisement has still gone to print, albeit in a slightly different manner.


Advertiser’s vice-head of Fred Basset cartoons and front-page ads Penelope Pernickety stated ‘We absolutely stand with the rest of the news community when freedom of information and a rising culture of confidentiality, but Aldi had already put down quite a hefty deposit on Monday’s front-page, so we thought we’d come up with a clever solution’.


Aldi’s advertisement has been edited in fashion with other major-papers, with all key information crossed out with black ink.


‘We think Aldi will be very understanding of what we’ve done’, continued Pernickety ‘they’re helping us take a stand against free-speech suppression, while at the same time promoting their products. I certainly see it as a win-win for them’.


Aldi has advised Adelaide Mail that they have requested their deposit back.


Upon hearing this news, Penelope stated ‘Well, we know that this may ruffle a few feathers, but that’s the point of it all. Plus, people can still read our ‘Your Right To Know’ article online...if they have a subscription of course’.


Editor’s note: The Adelaide Mail fully stands with The Advertiser and NewsCorp's views regarding free speech and freedom of information. The Advertiser staff are absolute (redacted) who continue to put out (redacted) work every day.



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