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LEAKED: Shortlist of Port Adelaide’s other proposed new logos

October 15, 2019

Following the unveiling of Port Adelaide Football Club’s new logo commemorating the club’s 23rd year anniversary, Adelaide Mail can reveal the designs that were rejected by the club.


The four designs on the shortlist had been considered by the club because they all ‘uniquely echoed the values of Port Adelaide Football Club’, according to a club statement.


‘We were really happy with all four of the completely original logos’, says Port Chairman David Koch. ‘And to be honest, any complaints levelled at us about the originality of the designs is just yet another example of Victorian bias in the AFL’. 


‘In fact, these four designs were so completely new and fresh -- with absolutely no existing logos that look anything like this -- that the Adelaide 36ers have been in touch with us about re-designing their logo’.


‘The Sixers said they love the way we do business and want to strike a deal where we supply them with access to our marketing team and they pay us in stickers and hot chips. Now I am a pretty savvy businessman, so I know a good deal when I see one and just quietly, I think we’ve got them bent over the barrel here’.



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