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Garden Grove erect giant windsock to capture free top soil in dust storm

September 18, 2019

Landscape supplier Garden Grove best known for their trucks smelling like manure and mistakenly being called Golden Grove Supplies have erected a giant windsock north of Adelaide to capture the nutrient rich top soil from today’s dust storm.

Manager of recycled materials at Garden Grove, Ibis Binchikkin said 'It’s not just an economic benefit to the business, but good for the environment too, plus we have to do something about McLaren Vale stealing all the best soil from us every time there’s a big northerly wind. They think they make better wine than the Barossa, but you just know any time they win an award, it’s with our soil'.

Binchikkin added that this isn’t their only initiative to gather the top soil. 'We’re sending our fleet of trucks into the heart of the dust storm, and then coming back to the yard where we’ve hired local school students to sweep off the dirt. Those kids from Golden Grove High are hard workers. Unfortunately we didn’t get any kids from Pedare as they didn’t want to get their blazers dirty'.

When asked how he was going to keep the soil in the yard with today’s high winds, Binchikkin got in a flap and flew off.

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