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Terrible musician somehow an even worse footballer

July 26, 2019

As an aspiring ‘musician’, for lack of a better term, laced up his boots and took the field for the final Reclink Adelaide Community Cup training session, it was clear that this too was not something he was great (or even mildly competent) at.


However bassist for ska-dubstep-grindcore-country band The Koncepteds and budding Rockatoo, Paulentino “Soccer” Sockton, remained confident at his selection hopes for the big game in August.


‘Look, I’ve come to every training’, said Soccer ‘my band even cancelled a gig so I could come. We forgot to tell the venue, but it didn’t matter because nobody rocked up anyway. So I think I’ll make the final cut’.


When asked about how his ball handling skills have progressed, Soccer replied ‘I definitely think I’m getting better, I even got a touch in the scratch match last week. Granted, it was because nobody else wanted to retrieve the out of bounds ball from the muddy middle of Unley Oval, but still, it’s been the most involved I’ve got so far’.


And it’s not just his sporting life that is seeing the benefits from all this training ‘My bandmates tell me that even my music is getting better by getting more involved in footy, They’re telling me the less I play the better I’m sounding, so that’s a plus too’ reported Soccer.


At the end of the final training session, it was announced that Soccer had made the team ad would take the field for The Rockatoos against the far superior Anchors team on August 4 at Norwood Oval, with Rockatoos captain stating 'surprisingly, he's one of the better players'.


‘What a day for me!’ exclaimed Soccer ‘I made the team AND my band got offered one of those gigs where we buy all the tickets ourselves and then sell them ourselves to potential punters!’


Editor’s note: See the Adelaide Mail staff (although terrible ex-ska musicians themselves) take the field for The Anchors (media team) against The Rockatoos (“musicans” team) in the Reclink Community Cup, Sunday August 4, 12pm Nowrood Oval. $5 donation for a good cause for entry. GO THE ALMIGHTY ANCHORS!



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