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Old-Face filter somehow makes Graham Cornes look younger

July 17, 2019

In the most popular internet craze since the Running Man challenge, the FaceApp ‘Old Face Selfie Challenge’ is sweeping the developed world and also South Australia.


However, there has been one local celebrity who has found a glitch with the app. Aussie Rules legend and media personality Graham Cornes has submitted a report with FaceApp as the ‘old face’ feature seemed to be malfunctioning.


‘Thought I’d get this app for a bit of fun’, Cornesy told the Adelaide Mail ‘saw some of the Port blokes and Patty Dangerfield were getting on it so I installed it. But to my surprise when I tried to do the old face, it just made me look younger!’


The FaceApp help-desk, upon receiving Graham’s report, contacted the Adelaide Mail stating ‘well we looked him up, and yeah, where do you go from there, really?’, before forwarding on to app developers.


FaceApp’s artificial ageing technical specialist Jerry Atrick looked into the source code to see if the glitch could be fixed, but has found no workaround at this point, stating ‘it seems that the aging facial algorithm script we use to make a younger person appear older matches so closely with Cornsey’s face, that when applied on Graham each wrinkle, sag, grey hair and leathergrain-like crease is reversed'.


'This has resulted in Graham looking like he did in the 1973 Grand Final, astonishing really. The specky and winning goal that is, absolutely astonishing’, the US app developer with a surprising amount of SANFL knowledge continued, ‘I’ll see what I can do to get this bug fixed, but for now, whatever you do PLEASE don’t try it on KG Cunningham! An ageing face algorithm match like that could possibly destroy the whole internet’.


In the meantime, Graham hopes the app glitch is fixed soon, stating ‘I want to try the lady filter, reckon I could still get a run in the AFLW’.



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