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Next 8 hours of office chat reserved for ‘that weather last night’

July 11, 2019


When the most interesting thing to happen to the typical office employee between the hours of 5pm and 9am is usually ‘that guy Boy George picked on The Voice last night’, anything that mixes things up a little is always welcome.


Last night’s stormfront, which proved ‘a little bit windy’, has already been central to eighty per cent of office conversations in Adelaide this morning. However, one CBD office has gone to the extent of reserving all conversation timeslots to fully thrash out the Wednesday night weather over the next day or two.


The office of Browse, Buy & Save Discount Solicitors & Sons has blocked out the remainder of today’s schedule along with the typical Friday morning staff meeting slot to really sink their teeth into last night’s weather.


‘Bit windy last night, hey’, said Hamley Meatheringham, head of HR at BB&SD&S. ‘The gate, you know that gate along the side of our house? The one in front of the tank for the oil heater? Yeah, that was swinging all night, thought it was going to come off its hinge. It didn’t, but you can imagine…’


‘Anyway, so that was happening and I thought “What a great HR initiative!” A whole day to really hash out that wind last night’.


‘So I got on my laptop and sent out an all-staffer letting everyone know to prepare a short presentation for today’s meeting about the wind. Just a couple of dot points. I know people love that kind of stuff, being put on the spot to speak in meetings. Having to prepare at short notice keeps them on their toes, they love it’.


‘I also sent around my short presso, to get the juices flowing for them’.






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