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Push to save The Thebby so that bands can continue to skip it on tours

July 9, 2019

Rich in tradition, it’s the Adelaide live music venue that has been skipped by thousands of bands on their Australian tours. But now, the famed Thebarton Theatre is under threat as the North-South Motorway reaches its final stages.


As plans are made for the future of South Road, the State Government has refused to rule out demolishing the theatre to make way for the upgrade, despite potentially missing out on missing out on future Australian music tours. Minister for Infrastructure and Bad Exposition Gordon Darryl-Christ told Adelaide Mail that all options will be considered.


‘Nothing is off the table at this stage. I know very well to never dismiss any option, I learned that from my old man. As you already know, he was the Premier of this state and died while in office from pneumonia. Now, let me introduce you to my assistant Sonia. Say hello to the reporter, sis. He’s here to ask us questions about how we want destroy the Thebarton Theatre which is just over there behind us’.


Meanwhile, advocates for the theatre have rallied to safeguard against demolition. With a petition garnering even more votes than ‘Spice Girls: Stop Teasing Australia’.


Edwin Woodwind is the creator of the petition and told Adelaide Mail that the movement is about more than just the Thebarton Theatre.


‘This is us sticking our heels in and saying, “We will not let our live music heritage be destroyed”. We have such a proud history of international bands coming over to this country and ignoring not only Thebby but Adelaide as a whole. To tear down this great venue would be turning our back on all those bands who turned their back on us and made the Thebby into what it is today’.  

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