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June 25, 2019

With the state's largest satirical newspaper, The Advertiser, currently attempting to lure the fellow kids into subscribing to their state government funded editorials with a free set of wireless headphones worth more than the subscription, we at the Adelaide Mail are offering a similar deal, but more suited to our readers.


Instead of high-end bluetooth earbuds, upon subscribing to the Adelaide Mail, subscribers will receive an old tangled set of headphones that Dan or Trent have had lying around their bottom drawer, glove box, or gym-bag for a while.


Headphone styles range from crackly and tangled, to frayed and waxy. These headphones carry absolutely no guarantee to work, and the vast majority will most likely require holding the cord at a certain angle to hear out of one bud only.


This is an extremely limited offer limited to how many headphones we have at our disposal. To get your pair today, click the donate button at the bottom of this page and hope for the best.


Thank you for supporting the Adelaide Mail, South Australia's Other Fake News Source.


In all honesty, this article marks the one year anniversary of the Adelaide Mail. We have loved bringing you small amounts of laughter and slightly more confusion. It's because of you we have had such a rapid growth, so thanks.


We look forward to bringing you much more content on an ongoing basis, and we will always keep Adelaide Mail free from paywalls, crappy giveaways and cheap gimmicks.


Speaking of cheap gimmicks, how would you like to put your friend’s face and name in an Adelaide Mail article? For just $25 imagine the absolute savage burn you could deliver your mate on facebook or instagram when they see their face pop up on their feed. We’re offering a strictly limited number of these articles so we can pay to keep this website running and give it a major upgrade it within the year.


On top of that, you’ll be listed as a supporter on our ‘Support Us’ page with a link to your social page, business, or whatever you want to promote (even if it’s the ShitAdelaide insta page). So head on over fill out the form to support us today.



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