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“Can’t heritage list Jack Daniels merch” Fishermen’s Wharf Market told

May 21, 2019

With destruction looming for Port Adelaide’s Fisherman’s Wharf Market shed, vendors and Port locals are looking at various creative options to save the bazaar.


Since developers begun eyeing off the waterside site to build a lucrative empty apartment block, defenders of the market have been submitting applications to heritage-list anything even remotely connected with the markets.


‘So far we’ve had about 80 knock-backs on things that we’ve tried to heritage list’, says market manager Doranna Bloodhound. ‘But everything we’ve tried to have listed has been important to the history of the site or the area in some way or another’.


‘For example, we’re currently trying to have these dreamcatchers listed on the basis that they seem to have caught all of the dreams and aspirations of anybody who visits these markets, never to have them surface again’.


‘And this set of novelty parking signs that say, “Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again” I think speak to the defiant nature of the Port. So we’ve got those up for heritage too’.


The lobby group has also attempted to save the feelings associated with visiting the markets through the state’s heritage council. ‘Apparently, you can’t heritage list “the unique feeling of sadness one encounters when visiting Fishermen’s Wharf Markets” either’.


‘We’re still trying to save the feelings of empathy, fear and complete befuddlement that come with visiting these markets though. We’ll see what happens’.


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