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People somehow shocked when Liberal govt starts privatising everything

July 2, 2019

With the state government looking for novel and opportunistic ways to deliver on pre-election fiscal promises, several key pieces of South Australian infrastructure are set to be privatised in the coming weeks.


After signalling that the state government would seek to privatise the service of Adelaide's trams and trains, Premier Steven Marshall has become emboldened, and set off on a good old-fashioned Liberal party privatisation romp.


Making its way on to the potential sell list are state government assets: the Central Market, the entire fleet of Country Fire Service trucks, Mobilong Prison’s bakery unit and State Treasurer the Honourable Rob Lucas.


But it’s not just state-owned assets that are up for auction. The Premier has also sought advice on the sale of Penfolds Winery, the back catalogue of Adelaide-shot Wheel of Fortune episodes with Baby John Burgess, Phil Smyth and the music of Groove Terminator.


With the heady task of finding buyers for the litany of assets, a new Privatisation Commission has been set up. Although Premier Marshall has already started talking about privatising the Privatisation Commission.


Potential suitors for the commission are being identified by the newly-established Privatisation of the Privatisation Commission Commission, which is, in itself, in the process of being privatised by the state government.



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