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Downer shares anti-vaxx post in attempt to gain Adelaide Hills mum voters

May 15, 2019

In a bold move to gain the Adelaide Hills young family voters demographic, Georgina has joined an anti-vaccination facebook group to show she is one with the people.


With a campaign full of giant novelty cheques, false handwritten letters and dodgy advertisements, this latest stunt ranks somewhere in the middle when it comes to pandering, but desperate times are calling for desperate measures from the Liberal Party.


After successfully joining the closed facebook group “Adelaide Hills Natural Medicine Mummas” (previously “Stirling mums endangering the lives of their kids and others”), Georgina has become an active participant in the group.


Although Georgina doesn’t necessarily believe the claim 'the progressive people of Stirling are finally realising that the views of opinionated mums is much better than evidence-based expert medical advice’ made by facebook user Crystal-Hope Amethyst, she’s more than happy to give it a like in exchange for a potential vote. Likes are free, big cheques are expensive.


The facebook mums have embraced Georgina as one of their own, with Hills mum Sage-Aloe Chakra stating, ‘she’s got my vote. Progressive, down-to-earth and she’s gonna build a new sporting club for the Hills kids that make it past the age of six’.



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