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Man actually chooses to sit in this seat

April 26, 2019


With the vast majority of city commuters taking this week off, Kramdin Numpteedu of Klemzig has had his fair share of seating options on his daily bus ride this week.


‘There’s that one particular seat on the buses I love,’ stated Kramdin ‘the one where the wheel arch comes right up underneath the seat, that’s the good one.’


Despite having several better options, including the one with extra legroom, the singular one near the ticketing machine, or even sitting on the rear entrance steps, Kramdin states he will always select that weird seat when it is available, which is almost always.


‘I always cut to the front of the queue to ensure I get the good seat. If I see and it’s not available, I’ll wait for the next bus. Yes, this has cost me several jobs for being continuously late, but it’s all worth it. Sitting with my knees above my chin just gives me a warm and tingly feeling in my heart...and spine’.


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