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Adelaide Uni law student disappoints family of doctors

April 24, 2019

Sometimes having the best opportunities in life does not necessarily lead to fulfilling every expectation. Few things illuminate this concept more than family disappointment Olllie Toffsbridge.


Having carried the weight of expectation for his entire life, Ollie decided to make a stand following an argument with his father, enrolling in law as his first preference for university entry.


Following his successful entry into the University of Adelaide's prestigious law school, the Toffsbridges are now said to have abandoned their rebel son.


‘We don’t understand why he’s doing this’, says family patriarch Dr Donald Toffsbridge. ‘We have given him every oppportunity in life to succeed, and for some reason, he’s throwing it back in our faces like this’.


‘As sad as it is, we do not have a son until he agrees to set himself straight and on the path to getting a real job. Why can't he aspire to be chiropractors like his parents? You know, actual doctors doing good for the world. Not another lawyer scamming people into paying too much for their services because the layperson doesn't understand what it is they actually do'.


'The world doesn't need more lawyers, it needs more good, honest chiros'.


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