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ShitAdelaide changes name to MAFSadelaide

April 8, 2019


Originally a source of general ridicule at the expense of Adelaide’s drunk and poor, the mysterious owners behind Instagram account Shit Adelaide have completed their gradual morph into reality television news column by officially changing their handle to @MAFSadelaide.


In spite of a steady flow of videos of Johnny Haysman dancing, drunken buck’s night attendees and racist public transport rants landing in their inbox, Adelaide’s comedy gatekeepers felt that the world was poorer for not reading every single one of their opinions about the contestants on TV’s Married At First Sight.


In a since-deleted Instagram post, the account owners wrote: ‘Although it’s going to be hard to let go of the daily polls about whether Vili’s or Balfours pies taste better, we feel that now is the time to focus on creating a better world, by posting incendiary attacks on the Instagram influencers and promo girls featured on MAFS’.


‘However, you’re probably wondering “where on earth am I going to read ShitAdelaide’s poorly-formed opinions about the State Government now?” You’ll be happy to know that we’re continuing to deliver our opinions straight into your inbox. Simply DM us on Instagram with the phrase “whaddaya reckon?” and we’ll send you our views. Then we’ll block you’.


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