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Save big with your SAFM 107 Card at these places today!

March 27, 2019


Here at Adelaide Mail, we’ve got some pretty powerful friends in high places, which means our proverbial fingers are on the proverbial pulse of Adelaide’s freshest bargains and bargainiest promotions.


We’ve been lucky enough to have gotten a hold of Toni Tenaglia from the SAFM breakfast show, and she has looped us in to all of the secret deals that you can score today with your SAFM 107 card.


So turn down the volume on that absolute banger by M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy and listen up, because you’re only going to find out about these awesome deals here:


Rocca Bros

The boys on Port Road are offering you free installation on your Sanyo 6-stack cd player. No more listening to that one Sonia Dada album on repeat again and again. Now you can listen to six copies of that one Sonia Dada album!


Simply flash your SAFM 107 Card and sing the Rocca Bros jingle in its entirety when talking to your salesman.


Granite Island Chairlift

Planning a trip to Victor Harbor for the day? No? Why not. What other seaside town affords you all of the fun of a horse-drawn tram, cantankerous old people and uh...riding back on the horse-drawn tram.


And for today only you can take a friend on the Granite Island Chairlift for free. No more riding alone like the depressed idiot that you are.


Balfours Cafe

Maybe one day Adelaide’s taste in food will develop to a point that Balfours ‘food’ is seen as too unpalatable to warrant its own cafe. We can’t see that happening, and trust that the Balfours Cafe will be around for years to come.


Flash your SAFM 107 card to receive a complimentary Balfours hat to vomit in after consuming three entire frog cakes by yourself.


And don’t forget to tune in to the Morning Crew with Steve Bedwell, Adam Hills & Toni Tenaglia for your chance to win big with SAFM’s Beat The Bomb. A groundbreaking radio competition that surely won’t still be getting trotted out in 2019.


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