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Vincent Rinaldo very disappointed by this so called ‘Fringe' Festival

February 21, 2019

One of Adelaide’s leading hair and fashion icons, Vincent Rinaldo, has left a scathing review the opening week of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.


‘There needs to be less focus on the arts and $14 beers, and more focus on what I assume this is all about, The Fringes!’ said Vincent.


Vincent, well known for being a cutting edge stylist and late 90’s television commercial star, continued ‘the fringe festival needs to get back to its roots, and I mean that in a literal sense, healthy hair roots and follicles is where great fringes always start. I’ve been walking around for days now trying to find a decent fringe exhibit, but all I’ve seen is terrible comedians, amateur circus acts, and people who get off by being naked in front of a crowd, but it’s legal this time of year because they call it a show!’


Disappointed with finding no fringe exhibits, Vincent tried a different approach. ‘I noticed a lot of international guests around, so I changed my terminology when asking to find a fringe show. But when I started asking people where I could find some good ‘bangs’, things just got even weirder’.



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