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Uh-oh! This article is sponsored by some company, but we forgot who

September 26, 2019

After taking a look at The Betoota Advocate's website and seeing how much advertising money we’re missing out on, we decided that Adelaide Mail could earn a few bucks from posting some sponsored content.


We even found a company that was willing to pay us to seamlessly feature their product in one of our articles, unfortunately, we’ve just completely forgotten who it was that gave us their money.


I mean, it’s all fine, the money’s already in our account. We just feel that we should at least mention their brand once, right? Was it pools? Like, something to do with swimming pools, or cakes? Maybe you should go and buy a cake right now.


We’ve used a nice stock image of a very happy looking woman thinking about your product, which should cover off most bases. Unless the article was for a beer company, in which case, please go and drink a West End Draught or a delicious Coopers Ale right now.


Somebody in the office said ‘Why don’t you just send an email out to your client list asking who paid for the sponsored article?’ To be honest, we really don’t want to look like idiots. Besides, we’re hoping that somebody can just quietly tell us who paid for this article and then we can edit in a few seamless mentions of the brand. That should work.


This is honestly quite embarrassing, we really should start getting somebody to take notes in meetings but we can’t decide on whose responsibility it is.


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