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New sports radio station 1629 SEN releases coverage map

December 10, 2018


Following questions about the breadth of new sports-only radio station SEN’s broadcast coverage, the fledgling station has released a comprehensive coverage map revealing each pocket of Adelaide where you can successfully tune in.


The map shows coverage across most of the Veale gardens in the south parklands, all of Thorngate and the majority of SEN owner Crocmedia’s Adelaide office.


SEN spokesperson Linda Hollibowl told Adelaide Mail ‘we’re confident that we’re reaching the strategically important parts of the city. However, we also know that people are willing to travel some distance to listen to our offering. We think the pull of Kane Cornes is strong enough to get people to drive up to 60 kilometres to get reception’.


‘In fact, I’ve heard that some people are looking to move house into one of  our coverage areas to listen to Kane Cornes talk about who he thinks is disgraceful and why the Crows should be ashamed’.


Early survey reveals excellent results across those coverage areas, especially in the Veale Gardens where SEN told Adelaide Mail that they rate a solid 14% listener share amongst males aged 33-34 who are in the market to buy vacuum cleaner accessories, a lucrative demographic.


When asked about whether those in the Adelaide studios tune in to the station, Hollibowl replied ‘wel tune in when Hutchy’s in town, otherwise it’s locked on Chemist Warehouse Remix. We love it, keeps us up-to-date with all the latest bargains in the fragrance, pharmaceutical and supplement world’.


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