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SA called 'Beggar State' by Senator literally begging for money on GoFundMe

November 14, 2018


NSW Senator David Leyonhjelm has described South Australia as a “beggar state” that should be thrown out of the Australian Federation.


Meanwhile, the Senator literally has a GoFundMe page begging people to fund his legal costs, because he told Sarah Hanson-Young to 'stop shagging men'. For a mere $100,000 the Australian people can fight The Greens and guard free speech (read: sexism in the form of parliamentary privilege). 


Seriously, some news just can't be made up.


In other news, we would like to exercise our completely made-up right to satirical privilege to deliver the following message:


What we need is a Begxit. Where Senators who approach the Australian people with their hands out, asking for money leave the federation. These nutbag crossbenchers never do themselves any favours, nor act in the interests of the nation (unless you classify racist motions and incendiary speeches in the national interest). 


These Senators skulk around the upper house under the veil proportionate representation, but ask for handouts from those they are supposed to represent.


Stop shagging men and leave the federation.

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