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Man celebrates 40th birthday by agreeing with Leon Byner for the first time

October 11, 2018


Drew Ratcage has never been too bothered by the prospect of turning 40, that was until he found himself nodding in agreement with a comment made by FiveAA mornings host Leon Byner.


‘It was the day after my 40th and Leon was talking about electricity prices for a solid three hours’, says Ratcage. ‘I mean, it was non-stop. He didn’t come up for air. Not for an ad break, not for a breath. He just kept saying things like “I’m going to speak to the minister about this” and “I think the person responsible should take a serious look at the policy”’.


‘Anyway, he was grilling the energy minister about a stobie pole that was leaning slightly to one side’, continues Ratcage, ‘and he was telling the minister that he needs to do something to rectify this’.


‘I don’t know what came over me but I was nodding along with him, saying things like “yeah, stick it to that lousy minister” and “boy I think heads are going to roll over this one”’.


‘Up until last week, I’m pretty sure my radio didn’t even receive AM, seriously, this “AM” button on my radio is new, somebody snuck into my car and retrofitted it, I’m sure of it’.


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