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New digital Adelaide Metro bus arrival signs to be installed pre-broken

October 2, 2018

 In an effort to increase efficiency and reduce complaints, Adelaide Metro will be installing their new digital signs at transit stops in an already broken state.


‘We’ve been very excited since rolling out this circa 2005 technology across Adelaide bus stops’, spokesperson Jane Driver stated ‘however, due to their constant failures, we’re just going to install the new ones already malfunctioning so we don’t have to keep sending out workers to repair them, it just makes good business sense’.


Adelaide Metro believe that because ‘the thought is there’, commuters will be more inclined to wear the next increase in ticket prices and service cuts. ‘It’s important to show commuters what a great service could look like…if it worked’, Driver continued ‘plus, people can’t complain about busses arriving late if they don’t know what time they’re meant to arrive, so it’s a win-win for us’.


Several new Adelaide Metro broken digital signs will be installed throughout the remainder of 2018, joining the existing dozens around the metropolitan area.


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