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Frome Street bikeway to be extremely beneficial for cyclist with very specific, straight 1.8km commute

August 28, 2018

 After months of work, traffic restrictions, and millions of dollars spent, the new Frome Street bikeway is nearing completion and avid cyclist Scott Peddler could not be happier.


‘This is fantastic news for me’, said Scott. ‘I now have a dedicated separate bike lane which leads from my apartment on South Terrace to my workplace at Adelaide Uni.’


Scott no longer has to deal with careless motorists driving too close, but it seems Adelaide drivers still can’t grasp the concept of checking mirrors when crossing a bike lane.


‘From doorstep to workplace, this bikeway is absolutely perfect for my daily cycle commute and therefore, I assume, all Adelaide riders. Perfect for getting to and from work everyday. Would love to see one going East to West one day, I still have to get two busses to get my milk from the East Terrace IGA’.



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