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Sunday night visitor to Adelaide CBD assumes humanity has ended

July 29, 2018


A Sunday night visitor to Adelaide’s central business district has taken the complete absence of all life on Flinders Street, Pirie Street and Topham Mall as evidence that humanity has ended.


The Fulham man is an infrequent visitor to the city, and imagines the CBD as a hive of activity at all times.


Although disappointed by the end of man, Jason Spatchcock is not one to dwell on small setbacks and has vowed, in a series of tweets, to start society afresh.




Jason then seemed to interpret the lack of replies or retweets to mean that his friends had disappeared from the planet.


It appears that Spatchcock then drove the distance from Pirie Street to Lobethal without encountering another vehicle, not an uncommon occurrence for a Sunday night.


Spatchcock finally encountered other people, some twenty six hours after learning of humanity’s end.​ 







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