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Finally gaining a naming sponsor, the 'Posture Care Chair Company 500' will hit Adelaide streets March 2019

July 16, 2018


After a year of uncertainty, it has been announced that Adelaide’s biggest motorsport festival has given naming rights to the Posture Care Chair Company for 2019’s race.


Edging out bids from other major South Australian companies such as Adelaide Furniture & Electrical, Noel’s Caravans, Mok Lee Flower Queen Chinese Restaurant Redwood Park, and Joyrene Fashions, the Posture Care Chair Company ended up sitting in pole position with a bid of an undisclosed sum plus $400 cash with the trade in of any old chair.


‘We feel it’s a great fit. Just like our professionally measured recliners’, says Posture Care Chair Company marketing executive, Harold Sitter ‘not many people are professional drivers, that’s why they call it an armchair sport. I assume people will make that connection and we’ll start seeing the customers roll in’.


Whilst the naming rights for 2020’s race are still uncertain, what is certain is that no matter the sponsor, it will just be called ‘Clipsal’ by South Australians forever.


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