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Victor Harbor opens new Youth Centre for local adolescents aged 55-70

July 9, 2018


In an attempt at engaging the region’s younger demographic, Victor Harbor has launched a hip new hangout for residents born between World War Two and Woodstock.


With a range of funky youth friendly activities including complaining, commenting on satirical news website AdelaideNow articles, sharing pixelated minion memes, and naps, the new ‘bedspace’ centre has injected vibrancy and energy into the community.


Joan Biddy, 68, felt ‘it’s great to see the town really embracing the younger demographic, just a really groovy place to chill with the fam...if they ever came to visit.’


However, not all residents are pleased with the new youth centre. Gordon Codger, 72, stated ‘it’s an outrage. For one, it’s something new, which is bad enough, but also, these young‘uns were making such a bloody racket well into the night last Saturday with their Cruise 1323, I had to call the local constable at 6:30 to shut them down.’


Regardless of community backlash, the centre has big plans for the future, especially once the weather warms up a bit, it’s easier on the joints come Spring.


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