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Local numpty goes to new Royal Adelaide Hospital just to have a look around

July 12, 2018


Despite having no current health issues, John Duffle of Windsor Gardens has made his fourth trip to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital in as many months ‘just to have a look around’.


‘It’s a great hospital, with many world-class facilities’ John said ‘none of which I need at the moment, but still, it’s nice to go and see what’s there’.


John has become a regular sightseer around the Emergency Department, Acute Assessment Unit and has even taken it upon himself to become an unofficial hospital guide for those who are looking for somewhere to go.


‘I like to help people where I can and have a bit of a chat with them, I always tell them to come back and see me if they have any more questions, but nobody has yet’.


When asked if there’s anything he doesn’t like about the hospital, John stated ‘some of the staff can be a bit short when I’m trying to have a nice chat with them, that’s for sure. They’re always saying things like ‘how did you get in here?’, ‘get out of my way’, or ‘no, you can’t take a defibrillator home, John’.


John’s guided tours commence at the Emergency Department every Tuesday at 11am, unless he finds some people at the local library to talk to first.


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