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Elizabeth Motor Inn achieves 3.5 star rating by having 30 rooms rated 0.12 stars each

July 5, 2018

In a bold marketing move by Golden Chain hotel management, the Elizabeth Motor Inn has proudly displayed a three and a half star rating on their welcome sign.


What the organisation has neglected to state is that this is the cumulative rating for their 30 rooms, rated at 0.12 stars each.


The hotel's Vice-Executive Marketing and Communications manager, Moe Teller, states 'it is a truthful and honest rating of our high-end luxury accommodation situated in the buzzing metropolis of Elizabeth Park...if you add all the reviews together.’


International businesswoman Chloe Wong arrived at the hotel for a four night stay, whilst she was in town to negotiate transcontinental trade-deals, felt 'the rating is adequate...but I'm from Asia so...yeah, y’know’.


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