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2003 Seaford High graduate wears Year 12 jumper to commemorate the year he peaked

July 2, 2018

As he once again donned the faded maroon sweatshirt for a trip to the shops, Ryan Govern, 33, reminisced about his secondary school achievements.


‘Yeah, a really good time, I was vice-captain of the footy team, dating Tracy Sharp and had a great group of mates. Always having a laugh, hey?’


Ryan, or “Guvna”, as his worn hoodie displays, has spent his time after high school mostly working at the local tyre shop and avidly following Mixed Martial Arts on Foxtel. Ryan states he still runs in to “the boys” by chance every now and then.


‘Would love to catch up with them more, but most of them got a lot going on with kids and work. Really looking forward to the 15 year reunion at the end of this year though, I’ve started the Facebook group for it and already got a few of the old crew interested, hopefully more rock up than what we had at our 14 year reunion hey?’



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