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International businessman pretty sure he's at the wrong Hilton Hotel

May 30, 2018

Haruto Nakamura, CEO of Tanaka Electronics, landed in Adelaide last week to negotiate a deal with a local transformer supplier. After disembarking from his Business Class flight from Osaka, Haruto’s chauffeured vehicle took him to the Hilton Hotel, Hilton.


‘I waited in the lobby for quite some time,’ Haruto recalls ‘it turns out where I was waiting is what you Australians refer to as a “Bottle-O”. So I called the prospective clients, they were waiting at a different Hilton. Adelaide must be a great city to have two world class Hilton Hotels in such close proximity.’


Not wanting to inconvenience Haruto any further, the local electronic business partners Aaron Cane and Dean Cooke, rushed to the Hilton Hotel, Hilton, to see if they could save this lucrative deal. Luckily, their hospitality paid off.


‘yes, very fine negotiators,’ continued Haruto ‘they taught me the Australian art of “Keno” over a few frothies, after that I got some free spins on “Where’s The Gold” then closed the deal on the spot.’



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