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Kent Town resident drives length of North Terrace without being stopped

May 28, 2018


Dwayne Hoff of Kent Town could not believe his luck last Wednesday afternoon. As he hopped in his car to meet friends at “The Deli” in Thebarton, little did he know what was in store for him.


‘For that route I would usually go via Hope Valley, take Grand Junction road to Port Adelaide, come down Port Road to Thebarton, just to be sure I avoided the city completely’. Dwayne continues ‘but I was in the mood for a bit of a drive that day and decided to take the scenic 1.5 kilometer route. Plus I had some podcasts to listen to and was ready to spend a bit of a long haul in my car’.


Shane’s scenic drive down North Terrace was anything but.


‘When I didn’t get stopped at the museum, I thought it was weird. Then the roadwork guys waved me straight through. I thought, surely I’ll get held up around King William, but nope, green light. I couldn’t believe my luck already, never had I got this far before. As I passed City West Campus I thought I was dreaming, just one more set of lights to go, and would you believe it, I had made it!’


Dwayne quickly called a few family members who passed on their congratulations before notifying The Adelaide Mail.


‘An amazing experience I’ll never forget. The only downside was because I allowed two hours travel time, I was earlier than all my friends. So I just sat in my car and finished listening to the podcast while I waited’.


Dwayne was listening to the AdeLOL comedy podcast about South Australia's hilarious history. Here's their episode about Con Polites, the man with all the signs in the city.










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